Links: What Luck, a Duck

Friendly Duck Appears Out Of Nowhere To Cheer Up A Heartbroken Dog (The Dodo, via Arne, more pictures at Bored Panda)

Antidepressant duck: For when you’re feeling down.

Dachshund Abandoned When Paralyzed And Pregnant Finds Happiness (Reshareworthy, via Murray C.)

The Secret Life Of Hedgehogs By Elena Eremina (Bored Panda, via Murray C.)

So that’s where they come from.

Aaaaaaaaand from Andrew Y., Super Mario Hamster:

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21 thoughts on “Links: What Luck, a Duck

  1. allein 🐾 August 19, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    I could use an antidepressant duck sometimes.

  2. Duckie 🐥 August 19, 2016 / 12:08 pm

    So could I.
    The dandelion fluff hedgies are too adorable.

  3. Faye August 19, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    Now I believe in reincarnation. It’s got to be that!

    Cried for sweet Dachshund. Reminds me to never give up.

    • debg August 19, 2016 / 2:08 pm

      I had the same thoughts, Faye. So glad Miss Doxie is happy now, and the depressed doggie.

      And I ordered a hedgie calendar, since there probably won’t be a CO one. Mike, are you planning one? I need lots of calendars.

    • Murray C. August 19, 2016 / 3:52 pm

      I learn a lot when I see a sweet creature so willing to keep going in the face of such adversity – and I wish ill on the people who treated her so abominably (not at all in my nature except in times such as these).

      • 6rabbits August 21, 2016 / 8:32 pm

        I second that ill wish, Murray C. This story made my heart hurt.

  4. Brouhaha August 19, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    I love love love the secret hedgies!

    • Brouhaha August 19, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      OOHH! at the bottom of the secret hedgies pics is a bar that says “click here for 54 more” THERE ARE MORE PICS!

  5. Clairdelune August 19, 2016 / 12:47 pm

    Mike, you had me in tears with Maria’s story – but once again, thank you for reminding me that in addition to the despicable humans who abandoned her, there are also good people like those who took good care of Maria and her babies. Now, if only we could replace the entire US Congress with people like that… well, I can dream, can’t I ??

    • Catwhisperer August 19, 2016 / 1:42 pm

      Why stop there, Clairdelune? Dream big! 🙂

  6. Doug August 19, 2016 / 1:49 pm

    Damn it .. Now I’m humming the Bros’ song for the rest of the day and giggling

  7. Gigi the cat lady August 19, 2016 / 2:57 pm

    The story of Maria the dachshund made me really angry at the people who treated her so baldly. I’m very glad she was taken in by those wonderful people.

    • Kar August 20, 2016 / 7:59 pm

      I really hope someone turned them over for animal cruelty. Probably not so that they’d turn her over rather the alternative but boy, makes me question if there really are “respectable” breeders.

      At least we can see how to donate to Friends of Emma, given the value of their work.

  8. Circe August 19, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    That poor dog has been grieving for TWO YEARS, lives by himself in his kennel (“Since the duck has showed up… He’s not wanted in the house”), and the owners never thought to get him a new companion?! A duck (who is named Donald after Donald Trump) is better than nothing, but no substitute for a real dog friend. So thoughtless 🙁

  9. ManycatshaveI August 20, 2016 / 5:54 am

    I think “he’s not wanted in the house” means the dog hasn’t wanted to come in. I understood that the dog and duck were both welcome inside and the dog has his own area of the house.

    • Ricky's Mom August 20, 2016 / 7:38 am

      Yes, I think ManycatshaveI has got it right. Imagine saying to your imaginary dog “You want in? No? Okay, you and duck have fun hanging out. I’ll check on you in a bit.” That’s the impression I got on “wanted in.” It may be a dialect thing, like “You wanna come with?”

      • Faye August 20, 2016 / 9:14 am

        Yes. Dialect. But I would have gotten him a friend. Well now he has his own friend and doesn’t have to share.

    • Circe August 20, 2016 / 6:32 pm

      Yes, but it sounds like it was a new behavior for the dog to want to be in the house since his friend died, but now with the duck “he’s not wanted in the house, he’s not whined.” One photo caption said “We decided to put George and his duck in the kennel tonight to keep Donald safe. George gave Donald his bed.” Sounds like the dog lived in a kennel by himself when his friend died, and he took to whining and wanting to be in the house. Did they let him in the house with them, or leave him outside alone? Owner wrote on FB: “George has been heart broken and has grieved with anxiety so bad that he has almost died twice.” Good grief, I can’t believe they let him suffer so for two years 🙁

    • Faye August 20, 2016 / 10:12 pm

      Many cat shave I. Sigh. So sorry. I’m dyslexic. Cannot be unseen. No disrespect intended.

      • 6rabbits August 21, 2016 / 3:37 pm

        That’s what I read the first time, too!

  10. sugitomo August 20, 2016 / 9:36 am

    The duckie and doggie story is just too adorbs! And might I add that the hamster owner may be the best hamster owner…EVER!

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