Carl Gets Fired

“Mr. Gunderson, since you joined the staff here at the Pinewood Hotel and Conference Centers, your work performance has been problematic in several areas. First, your frequent tardiness has left us short-handed during our busy summer season. Next, there was the unfortunate mauling incident during the Dooflemeyer wedding reception. Finally, we have received numerous reports that you have been stealing the mint truffles from guest pillows, upsetting a 75-year tradition that is the centerpiece of this establishment’s reputation for outstanding service. I’m afraid I have no further option but to give you notice at once.”

You may pick up your final week’s berries at Payroll.

Via Reddit. Actual story: Black Bear Wanders into the Breeze Inn Lobby

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Links: Injured at Work? Call the Law Firm of Numbats and Dibblers!

And finally: Oh Boy! It’s Bamboo Again!

From sender-inner C.D.

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The Amazing Yogini!

“Now, for my next illusion, I shall require an ordinary piece of salmon, like the one you’re carrying. Thank you, sir. Now watch carefully, as I hold the salmon like so, invoke the magic words munchitus crunchitus, and — voila! — your salmon has vanished!”

That chewing sound you may be hearing is part of the illusion.

Playing bear cubs, by travelinknu, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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