Yogi Bear: The Early Years

“Oh Yogi, it does a mother’s heart proud to send such a fine, upstanding young man out into the world. Now remember everything I’ve taught you: one, stay away from picnic baskets because people food isn’t healthy for you; two, the park rangers are here for our protection, so always do what they tell you; and three, it is an abomination against nature for bears to wear hats and neckties.”

“Thanks, mom, I’ll make you proud! (Wait, do I smell fried chicken?)”  (via Reddit)

That worked out well, Andrew Y.

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I’d Better Get a Lollipop out of This!

“I was in the nice waiting room reading Highlights for Cubs and then you drag me in here with your tongue repressors and your stretch-o-scopes and your poky things, well there better be something in this for me or I’m telling my mom and she’s really big!”

“You can tell her on the way home, honey. Now say ‘ahh.’ “

CDFW wildlife veterinarian examines a bear cub., by CaliforniaDFW, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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