Weekend Open Thread

Happy Caturday! Today’s conversation cat comes from Rachel S., who writes: “Her name is Zelda, and she is definitely a feline princess.  When she sunbathes like this she goes so limp I constantly check that she’s breathing!  She is super sweet and affectionate as long as I obey her every whim.”

(Sometimes I hold my breath just to freak her out, shh…)
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Gravity: Not a Law, Just a Suggestion

Cutetropolis is brought to you today by the Gravilution™ personal anti-gravity system. Are there hard-to-reach places in your ceiling? Need to get across a just-waxed floor? Gravilution lets you walk on all the surfaces in your home so you can get more done.

“You’re always saying I make you want to climb the walls, and here you are doing it!”

I can’t stop tilting my head, Sharon H. (via Imgur.)

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Links: Gold-Medal Cuteness

And finally: No, You Move

Wow, that escalated quickly, Elizabeth G.

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