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And finally: You Otter Call a Tree Surgeon

What at first glance looks like the creepiest root infestation ever turns out to be a romp of otters — that’s what you call ’em — romping in Singapore. Facebooker Jeff Tan has adorable videos of the otters popping up all over town. (via reader Drude M.)

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Meanwhile, at the IRS…

“Hey, boss? Since it’s tax day, I double-checked the electronic payment system, tweaked a few performance parameters, and everything looks good to go. I’m going across the street for a latte, so just keep an eye on the system and make sure nobody comes in and tampers with anything while I’m out, okay?”

heh… heh… heh…

No Escaping a Cool Cat's Charm, by recubejim, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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That Sinking Feline

Not all predators chase their prey; some let the prey come to them, relying upon patience and mimicry to lure their next meal. Such is the case with the Mongolian Boxbeast, which takes up residence in garages and constructs an elaborate trap in which unwitting house pets slowly sink into its waiting jaws.

(I keep hearing a ravenous slobbering noise… Eh, it’s probably nothing.)

I have several of those in my closet, Sharon H.

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