Don’t Read Anything Into It

Oh, this? It doesn’t mean anything, I’m just enjoying a clever satire on some of the crankier members of my species. I don’t feel that way about you — in fact, I was thinking about getting you a gift this year. About how big around is your neck?

You know, for a… neck thing. Whatever those are called.

I only read it for the articles, Andrew Y. (Get it on Amazon!)

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The Best Defence is De Fence

Bounding across the jagged peaks with an improbable grace and skill, the Great Mountain Fencegoat is one of the few creatures that can navigate this impossible and deadly terrain. But it’s not for sheer thrills; the tactic also protects the Fencegoat from its dreaded nemesis, the Arctic Ice Weasel.

Actually, I can tippy-toe across the pointy bits.

I’m on the fence about this photo, Sharon H.

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Links: A Hot To-Go Order

And finally: The Rope Trick

Such determination, Cheryl S.

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Only One, Can There Be

“Yoda, you are not! An impostor, you are! Bite you, I shall!”

Inner-sender are good you, Faye. Shout-out time, to S. E. and N. L. for visiting the tip jar. Thank you both!

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