I Just Love Being a Goldfish!

I gotta tell ya, being a goldfish is the best! I was just telling Dave — he’s the diver who hangs out by the castle — I can’t believe how lucky I have it here. Food just floats down from the sky — I have no idea where it comes from! But the best part is there’s always something new to see. Like the other day I’m feeling a little restless, so I swim out of the castle to explore and discover — are you ready for this? — another castle! Nobody living there or nothing, just move on in!

AND THERE WAS DAVE! I mean, what are the odds? (via Reddit)

Let’s not tell him, Andrew Y.

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Links: Superb Owl Edition

Greetings. I am an owl. And I am superb. I am a superb owl. But that’s only my opinion, of course. I have been asked by the management of this site to introduce today’s links, which all relate to me in ways I haven’t quite figured out yet. Please enjoy them.

And finally: Greetings, Sports Fins

Looking for a clam, er, calm alternative to the other animal bowl games? Here’s a pun-filled preview for National Geographic’s Fish Bowl.

Owl image via Pixabay.

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Eel Riders of Planet Glorn!

As he delicately crept onto the back of the imposing beast, young Tarquin focused his mind on the words his mentor had said: “If you would command the eel, so too must you respect the eel. To get a feel for the eel takes nerves of steel, a warrior’s zeal, and a trust that’s real to seal the deal. OK, that’s my spiel.”

(I feel like a schlemiel.)

Reeled in by Sharon H. via Imgur.

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