Eel Riders of Planet Glorn!

As he delicately crept onto the back of the imposing beast, young Tarquin focused his mind on the words his mentor had said: “If you would command the eel, so too must you respect the eel. To get a feel for the eel takes nerves of steel, a warrior’s zeal, and a trust that’s real to seal the deal. OK, that’s my spiel.”

(I feel like a schlemiel.)

Reeled in by Sharon H. via Imgur.

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And finally: What Does This Button Do?

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And finally: It Starts with a Hug

Sorasart Wisetsin cares deeply about the many stray dogs in his town, and he helps them the one way he can: with hugs, making it his mission to cuddle every stray he can find. (found on Reshareworthy by Murray C.)

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