We’re Crustfallen, Maru

Hard times have come to Maruo’s Pizza parlor. For starters, Maru wasted the entire week banging on the counter after misunderstanding the phrase “drumming up business.” To make matters worse, delivery driver Hana got bored and quit. But the last straw came when he began chewing the pizzeria walls out of sheer boredom and discovered they tasted better than the pizza.

Running a business isn’t all its sliced up to be, Andrew Y.

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Hana Takes a Licking

Time for some Midweek Maru, in which our hapless hero just wants to show his roommate a little love and affection, and ends up delivering a knockout punch instead.


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via Andrew Y. (shout-outs to L. S., T. R., and J. B. for blessing the tip jar. Thank you!)

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Someone’s in the Kitchen with Maru

Maru checks the storage capacity in the kitchen. After careful examination, he determines that there is storage capacity in the kitchen. Relieved by his observations, he crawls into the refrigerator to become a cool cat. Alas, he is deceived by cardboard imitations, which also explains why that salmon he put on the range hasn’t browned in over a hour.

Via Daniel C. and Andrew Y.

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Welcome to Maruo’s Pizzeria

At Maruo’s, every pizza gets the personal touch from Maru himself, who hand-kneads every pizza to perfection. To save time, he puts the ingredients on first.

So bring the family to Pizza Maru to see the master chef in action, and enjoy a slice of the chewiest pizza you’ve ever tasted.

I’ll just have a salad, Andrew Y.

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