The Surreal World of Maru

Maru is no ordinary cat, and he lives no ordinary life. For Maru, a typical day is a series of bizarre events: futile attempts to defy laws of physics, a pointless attack by a robot cat, chasing a string from inside an invisible force field, and finally, attacking phantom mice that exist only in his mind.

That was definitely… Maru, Andrew Y.

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How About Hana? Part Two

Maru and his quirky boxaholic ways have found fans all over the world, but what about his better half, Hana? (Well, maybe a little less than half because he’s so floofy) The relatively normal member of the household has her own skill set, including being an unbeatable hockey goalie. (More Hana here.)

Andrew Y., Gigi the cat lady, and Alice Shortcake (looks like Hana has her own fans!)

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