Maru Hits the Bottom of the Bucket

The newspaper headlines on my desk squawked in panic: “KFC Hit By Chicken Shortage!” “Stores Shuttered as Birds Fly Coop!” Was this mysterious disappearance a simple cluck-up — or did some dirty bird commit fowl play? I knew there was only one greasy gumshoe with the giblets to get to the bottom of this capon caper, and that was me.

Tune in for more of “Detective Maru” via John B. and Andrew Y.

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Maru and Hana Vs. the Snow Hedgehog!

“Kids, did I ever tell you about the time me ‘n Hana defeated the giant snow hedgehog? Massive beast it was — over ten foot tall with icy sharp quills, rampaging all over town! Well, we brought down that beast and ate it, quills and all. I swear it’s all true.”

OK, so maybe he got the size wrong, Andrew Y.

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Maru in Snow Motion

Having savored the stimulating delights of catnip, Maru and Hana move on to enjoy some white powder — snow, that is, because today their backyard is a wintry wonderland where time itself seems to slow down to let them enjoy the moment.

From an avalanche of submitterators (in no particular order): Lois M., Andrew Y., Daniel C., and John B.

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