Maru’s Got a Brand New Bag

For Maru, every paper bag is a portal to a magical world made just for him, full of rainbows and sushi and lollipops and sushi and perky elves who make sushi. So naturally Maru wishes to spend as much time in this wonderful place as he can, no matter how many times you pull it away. At last, Maru becomes so absorbed in this fantasy that it even itches when he does, which is pretty much time to call it quits.

I want to go there, Andrew Y.

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Maru Conquers the Amazon

Like all boxaholics, Maru requires a constant supply of fresh boxes in which to crawl. That’s why cats everywhere rely on, featuring the world’s largest assortment of interesting boxes. And when you shop Amazon from the links on this site, Cutetropolis gets a small bounty.

Shipped to my inbox by Andrew Y.

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Maru is Banished to the Phantom Zone

Maru, for your crimes against the planet Krypton, we sentence you to be banished to the Phantom Zone, which is a clear two-dimensional square thing that looked really cutting edge in 1980’s Superman II but now just looks kind of cheesy.

Found by Alice Shortcake and Andrew Y. (reference video for the young’uns.)

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