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And finally: You Otter Call a Tree Surgeon

What at first glance looks like the creepiest root infestation ever turns out to be a romp of otters — that’s what you call ’em — romping in Singapore. Facebooker Jeff Tan has adorable videos of the otters popping up all over town. (via reader Drude M.)

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And finally: Cute Little Sucker

Curious baby octopus from aww

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And finally: That’s… That’s a Big Turtle

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Links: Paging Sir Bedevere

And finally: Fish Wish Pitch Glitch

I told that genie that I wanted to stuff myself with a basket of fish, and instead I got a basket of stuffed fish. This had better not count against my three wishes. (via Andrew Y.)

hooman why can’t I eat the fish?!

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