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And finally: Honk!

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And finally: That’s… That’s a Big Turtle

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Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

Today’s Dr. Seuss Day, just ask any teacher
But I’d rather query this quizzical creature
With the grinchiest grin your eyes ever saw,
It looks just like something the Doctor might draw.

Such a Seussian face needs a Seussian name
Something suitably slimy, yet nice all the same.
Like “Sneezix” or “Glorch” or perhaps something long,
Like “Flat-headed Bumble-eyed Thing-a-ma-bong.”
If you think of a Seussish-type name you can share
Just type it below in the comments down there.
Or if you’re creeped out and not into all that
Enjoy this Seuss staple — a cat in a hat.

I’m a classic. (via Wikipedia)
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Eel Riders of Planet Glorn!

As he delicately crept onto the back of the imposing beast, young Tarquin focused his mind on the words his mentor had said: “If you would command the eel, so too must you respect the eel. To get a feel for the eel takes nerves of steel, a warrior’s zeal, and a trust that’s real to seal the deal. OK, that’s my spiel.”

(I feel like a schlemiel.)

Reeled in by Sharon H. via Imgur.

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