Mountain Goats of the Gas-N-Gulp

From the highest peaks of the beer cooler to the treacherous Cheeto dust-covered crags of the snack aisle, this is their domain, where they roam in search of food without preservatives. Often they must search for days on end, all the while keeping a precarious balance in a world where the slightest misstep could send them plunging into the icy depths of the frozen foods display.

You’ll be in deep Kacca then, lemmie tell you.

Guess we know who owns the Ram Van parked out front, Sharon H.

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Links: The Fightin’ Felines

And finally: Horsing Around

Or should that be “unicorning around”?

I hoof seen everything, Jan B.

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Crawl for Reinforcements!

History has largely forgotten the Les cavaliers de chenille (“caterpillar cavalry”) of the French Foreign Legion, because they often arrived late to battle. Members of this regiment often evolved into les bombardiers papillon — the butterfly air force.

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Someone Give Them a Hand

“Greetings, earth creature! I am Zartwog and this is Eeepjax. We have traveled hundreds of light-years from our home planet of Babyhands on a desperate mission to bring steaks and sausages to the starving people of our homeworld. You are our final hope! Please, can you help us?

“(I’m tellin’ ya, Charlie, she’ll never fall for it…)”

Via Imgur.

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