I Thought These Were All in Nevada

Attention home buyers: Do you like cats? Are you looking for a unique rustic home? Are you a cat fancier? Do you long for the open spaces of Arizona? Do you like looking at cats? Would you like to wake up every day to the glorious view of clear blue skies and desert scrub brush and cats? Then schedule a cat viewing of this custom log cat home on over 20 meow acres cat cat large bay windows cat meow meow cat easy meow financing kitten kitten meow meow cat.

Offer $190,000 worth of kibble and tell them that’s my final offer, Sharon H.

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It’s a Dog-Supervise-Dog World

“Look, stop whining. The whole time we were roommates, I kept telling you: Show up to class. Take the speech course. Learn to walk upright. But no, all you wanted to do was party, roam the neighborhood, mark up the place. Four years of that, and where’d it get you? Still on four legs, on the wrong end of the leash, and as fate would have it, with me as your boss. So suck it up and keep walking, I’ve got a conference call at noon.”

“Maybe take some night courses instead of howling at the moon.”

Via Imgur.

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