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Save the Kittens — Save the Internet

Will the end of net neutrality be the end of Cutetropolis?

Wye yoo kills net noo-tral-i-tee? Wye?

The Federal Communications Commission plans to end “net neutrality” rules for the Internet in the USA. Net neutrality requires data carriers to treat all traffic at the same speed, but providers who want to divide the ‘Net into “fast lanes” and “slow lanes” are poised to get an early holiday present from the FCC.

This could be bad news for Cutetropolis and thousands of websites just like it. You pay your Internet provider for access to Cutetropolis, but soon your provider could choose to slow down Cutetropolis — even block it completely — unless I pay them too. I can’t afford to do that, so your Cutetropolis experience may be different in the future.

This is already happening in Portugal, where providers are taking advantage of the lack of regulations to cut the Internet into “packages” like cable TV. It can happen in America as well. Internet users have raised their voices before, and it’s time to raise them again to keep the Internet just the way it is. Call the FCC at (202) 418-2000 or write to to express your concerns. Thank you.

(Photo: Cat on laptop, by dougwoods, licensed under CC BY 2.0)

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