Leap of Fear

Looney Lava-Leery Leaper Leaves ’em Laughing

Daffodil and Leapfrog live in Oregon with their loving family in a beautiful home — made of scalding hot lava. At least that’s what Leapfrog thinks of a certain spot on the floor that must always be leaped across. And no matter how many obstacles the humans put in Leapfrog’s way, Leapfrog leaps ’em, as this compilation by The Dodo demonstrates.

Murray C. leaped at the chance to send this in.

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Good Fortune

I’m so sorry I ate the last of the General Tso’s Chicken but it smelled so good and I was really hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything for almost a half hour and I’m very very sorry and I won’t ever do it again but I did save you the cookie so maybe you won’t be too mad at me I hope?

(He’s smiling, this must be my lucky day.)

Well, I know what I’m having for lunch now, Andrew Y.

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And finally: Cuter Commuters

Not your everyday walk to work from canada

Found on BuzzFeed by Anyta K.

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