Happy National Puppy Day!

They’re wild, wiggly, yappy, and they have the most adorably awful puppy bref — they’re the puppies we love, on National Puppy Day, here’s a collection of perfectly precious puppies to get your weekend off to a cuddly start.

Coffee ‘n cream!
‘Scuse me, I was rolling in that…
Sorry, no more room.

Credits, from top: Pexels, Corgi Puppies 30, by evocateur, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, Puppy Dachshunds, by auteur, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, BuzzFeed via Andrew Y.

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Invasion of the Pillow People

Mr. Whiskers froze in horror. The lifeless figure before him was his exact duplicate, down to the last detail. “And this will be your replacement, Mr. Whiskers,” said one of the others. “You have nothing to fear. The process is completely painless and when it is complete, you will feel only contentment. You will be happy, soft, and cuddly. You will be… one of us.

“You want soft and cuddly? I CAN DO SOFT AND CUDDLY!”

Cue the theremin music, Andrew Y.

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And finally: Water Landing, Sort Of

Via Reddit.

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