Hopping Hoopster Hits History

Bini the Bunny has just entered the Guinness Book of World Records by slam-dunking seven basketballs in one minute. The 5-year-old Holland Lop is a renaissance rabbit with a remarkable resumé — he can paint, clean house, and play arcade games. Perhaps that’s where he learned his record-breaking skill.

This must set a record for world’s cutest record, Murray C.

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Bunday Tongue Action

Um, you’ve got a little bit of food on your lip… no, the other lip too… And now you have some on your nose… You know what, never mind, you’re fine.

Just another banana eating vid 😍 #rabbit #rabbitsofinstagram

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A lip-smacking good find by Mariana P.

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Today We Hop to Victory!

“Rabbits! Hear me! As your glorious leader, I shall lead you to triumph over our enemies, the vile and hated MacGregors! They shall flee like hamsters and we shall plunder their carrots and rutabagas and celery and romaine lettuce and kale and those little baby corns they put in stir-fry a lot and did I say carrots already? Anyway, onward… to conquest and glory!

Can I get a thump-thump all up in this hizzutch?

Via Pixabay.

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