How I Met Your Father

“Oh, heavens, that was so long ago. I remember that mother and father would take us south for winter by the lake, and your father worked at the boat docks. He would always smile at me, and mummy and daddy would rush me past him because they thought him common.

“Well, one night, I was trying to catch this one moth that was fluttering by the porch light, and getting absolutely nowhere. I was about to give up when from behind me came the ZAP of a long, sticky tongue, and the moth dropped right at my feet. I turned, and there he was — my champion. And that’s when I knew.”

“Damn near burnt my tongue, but it was worth it.”

They look so happy, Sharon H. (via Lizards Enjoying Life)

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And finally: Is a Puzzlement!

Actually, it’s a puzzle mat, and this crazy cat loves to knock it to bits. Via Erin U.

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