Links: Smile for the Camera!

And finally: You Otter Call a Tree Surgeon

What at first glance looks like the creepiest root infestation ever turns out to be a romp of otters — that’s what you call ’em — romping in Singapore. Facebooker Jeff Tan has adorable videos of the otters popping up all over town. (via reader Drude M.)

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Links: All Dogs Go to Heaven

And finally: Have a Ball!

This crazy cat has a highly unusual method of playing with a ball, which may not be suitable for younger audiences. (via Gigi the cat lady)

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Tales of the Chicken Police

At 2:41 PM, Officer Pullet and myself were responded to a domestic disturbance call at Barnyard Estates. When we arrived, a Mr. and Mrs. Booplesnoot were having a frank exchange of views about each others’ marital indiscretions, accusing each other of behaving like bunnies. When we pointed out that they were bunnies, they became confused and forgot why they were fighting.

I just love these police reality shows, Arne.

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