Links: The Mew-roar Has Two Faces

And finally: Cuter Commuters

Not your everyday walk to work from canada

Found on BuzzFeed byย Anyta K.

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Links: Hey, Do You Guys Sell Hunter Repellent?

And finally: The Millennium Chipmunk Vanishes!

They can’t have disappeared. No chipmunk that small has a cloaking device!

Cat’s got a chip-monkey on his back, Arne.

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[Adorable Chewing]

Enjoy nearly four minutes of animals eating — with captions!

YouTuber Agavem attached a camera to food in order to capture this video of animals eating. A clever enough idea, but this video goes the extra mile with helpful closed captions, including “cucumber squeaking” and “banana masticating.” (Click the “CC” icon in the video to see them.)

[grateful acknowledgement of Mila B.]

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