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And finally: What a Lucky Ducky!

Atún was going to be a duck dinner, but a nice family brought him home instead where he rules the roost like a winner. (via Faye)

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Watch the Birdies!

Border collie herds ducklings

Solo the border collie has to learn those important sheep herding skills, but what if you don’t have a flock of sheep handy? You get a wading pool full of ducklings and give Solo a practice session in a convenient small space. As you can see, Solo needs more practice before she can solo with real sheep.

Herded into my inbox by Murray C.

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Links: Ballot Barks

And finally: Water Landing, Sort Of

Via Reddit.

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Links: Paging Sir Bedevere

And finally: Fish Wish Pitch Glitch

I told that genie that I wanted to stuff myself with a basket of fish, and instead I got a basket of stuffed fish. This had better not count against my three wishes. (via Andrew Y.)

hooman why can’t I eat the fish?!

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