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And finally: The Great Escape

They’re almost totally floof, Faye

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All

In what has the potential to be an exciting new carnival game, a bank worker in Spokane, WA earned the nickname “Duck Man” for his ability to catch ducklings as they leap off the front of the building where he works, a drop of 15 feet. In this 2010 article from The Telegraph, bank official Joel Armstrong says he waits until he sees the mama duck peeking over the ledge, the sign she is ready to leap down to the pavement and wait for her ducklings to take the plunge. Can Joel catch ’em all?

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[Adorable Chewing]

Enjoy nearly four minutes of animals eating — with captions!

YouTuber Agavem attached a camera to food in order to capture this video of animals eating. A clever enough idea, but this video goes the extra mile with helpful closed captions, including “cucumber squeaking” and “banana masticating.” (Click the “CC” icon in the video to see them.)

[grateful acknowledgement of Mila B.]

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