Links: Hold on for Deer Life

And finally: Duck Down

via Dana D.

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Links: Wait, We Do That? Uh-oh

And finally: Mew, Mew, Quack, Mew, Quack, Quack

via Gigi the Cat Lady.

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Links: Big Lizard, Little Lizard

And finally: Bonus Maru and Hana

Last Friday, Maru and Hana celebrated Tanabata, which Japanese know as the Star Festival, but which M & H probably regard simply as “crinkly paper on tree day.” (via Andrew Y.)

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Links: And Then the Duck Says…

Gobi, you may remember, is the plucky dog who followed a long-distance runner for 77 miles and got a new home. Original story here.

And finally: Splashdance

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