Outfox Your Distractions!

In today’s overstimulated society, we are overwhelmed by distractions: Smartphone apps. Flashy advertising. Uninvited jugglers. How can one learn to focus again? At the Cutetropolis Institute, you can learn the Cognitive Ability Lengthening Method (CALM), in which students are conditioned to tune out stimuli such as ringing phones, flashing lights, and uninvited jugglers. Upon completion of the course, students can withstand any distraction, such as this successful graduate:

That must be a really good book, Elizabeth G.

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Fennec Fox — Now in Kit Form!

Australia’s Taronga Zoo welcomes a little bundle of joy: a fennec fox kit. According to ZooBorns, the fennec fox is the smallest fox species, so the newborn is super cute. Born on December 3, the kit has only begun to wander out into the enclosure, under the watchful eyes of its mother and father.

I can definitely hear you going “awwwww.”

And the little baby is keeping mom and dad extra busy:

Thanks to sender-inner Arne.

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