Fiona Update: Fire Blorpedo One!

Fiona is getting in deep now. The thriving preemie hippo is now swimming in up to four feet of water, staying underwater longer and propelling herself like a big blorpy torpedo. Look for an underwater roll, followed by a spirited game of tag with her caretakers.

But there’s more Fiona fun at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona updates page, where you can see a replay of a live Facebook event with Fiona and her keepers last Friday.

Thanks to Fiona-watchers Lois M. and Daniel C.

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Links: Thanks For the Cute, Patrick

And finally: Fiona in the Shower

More Fiona cuteness than you may be able to withstand, found by Andrew Y.

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Fiona Update: Dive! Dive! Dive!

Fiona the preemie hippo continues to work on two very important hippo skills: holding her breath and navigating underwater. So Team Fiona used an underwater camera to catch all the action. (via Lois M.)

You’re humming that song from “Dumbo,” aren’t you?

But there’s more news for Fiona fans. The youngster spent some time visiting with her mother Bibi on Friday, one of many steps in preparation for Fiona’s eventual return to her mother and father. (via Sharon G.)

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