The Fiona Show, Part Five

In part five of the behind-the-scenes series, it’s time to meet the parents, starting with Fiona’s mother Bibi. Would the mother recognize her child? Would the plucky preemie hand-raised by humans know how to behave like a hippo? And what would father Henry do? Team Fiona share their feelings as they managed delicate introductions.

And now Fiona’s amazing story is told in a new book Hip, Hippo, Hooray for Fiona, a photo biography with dozens of pictures. Written primarily for young readers, the 40-page book will also serve as a “family keepsake,” says the Cincinnati Zoo, which will get a portion of the proceeds.

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And finally: Fiona Farts

Speaking of blowouts: Fiona the plucky preemie hippo, symbol of perseverance, inspiration to millions the world over, just let one rip.

Via Andrew Y., who blames it on the dog.

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