Diverse Doggy Divers

Meet Titti, the Jack Russell terrier who loves to dive with her human Carmelo into the blue waters of Malta. The daredevil dog has been cliff diving since she was a pup, says Carmelo.

Of course, cliff diving isn’t for every dog. Some need to start with baby steps:

Found by Faye and Amy F.

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Dogs on Hogs

Wet Nose, ND — Biker dogs are converging on this sleepy town for the annual Biker Bullies Jamboree, a chance for dogs to show off their boss hogs.

He’s my ol’ man!

The event is mostly peaceful and a good time is had by all. But when you get so many rough, tough biker dudes in one place, there’s bound to be a little trouble.

“I swear the other guy just fell on my fist. Eight times.”

Another revved-up submission from Sharon H.

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