Ay-yi-yi, Robot

It started with the Roomba. Bertie and Elsie watched the squat little robot as it scuttled emotionlessly across the living room floor. They decided it was harmless; they even took turns riding it when they were bored.

But then came the Pikup 2.0, a robot that hopped charmingly from room to room as it tidied up small objects. After that came Windroid, whizzing through the air as it kept the windows crystal clear. Then CookBot moved into the kitchen, and the scraps the humans used to drop were only a memory. Soon Bertie and Elsie were dodging robots of every kind, scooting, flying and crawling about.

“It’s like there’s a robot for everything these days,” Elsie said in a ominous tone. “Now, now, dear,” Bertie assured her, “Robots may be fine for labor, but they’ll never replace us dogs.”


Resistance is futile, Sharon H.

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