Links: Nobody’s Perfect

And finally: Red Pandas Up In Yo’ Face!

This frisky gang of red panda brothers grabs a snack at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in video captured earlier this winter by News 5 Cleveland.

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And Stock Up on Fire Extinguishers

Congratulations, dragon parent, on your new baby dragon! Although cute when small, your dragon will grow to approximately the size of a large dog, so make sure you have plenty of room! Also, make sure your dragon play area, furnishings, clothing, plants, other pets, cars, and house are entirely flame retardant.

No need to cook their food — they handle that themselves.

This is actually a Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog, spotted by Andrew Y.

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Links: Party at Carl’s Place!

And finally: Your Morning Bath is Drawn, Mr. Froggerson

“Thank you, Rachel, the temperature is satisfactory. Hold my calls for an hour.”

Too cold? …Nah, just right!

That looks comfy, Amy F.

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Links: Hurricane-Hating Hitchhiking Hawk Hastily Hails Houston Hack

Austin Pets Alive needs help with efforts to transport shelter pets in Texas.

And finally: Rescue Yourself Next Time

What’s that you say, Lassie? Timmy’s fallen down a well? And he’s a total jerk?

Via Gigi the cat lady.

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