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And finally: Loose Moose

Recent weather dumped so much snow on Canada that a moose got snowed in, but in this BBC story sent in by Sylvia C., passing snowmobilers dug her back out.

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Links: Um, No. No it Won’t

And finally: Save the Last Dance for Me

Reader Jon R. sends us this touching moment between doggie daddy and his best girl.

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Links: April’s Baby Gets a Name

And finally: “Vet”? Sorry, I Meant “Park”

Yeah, that’s right, we’re going to the park. The park with the doctors and the tongue depressors and the cold metal tables. That park. (via Paul P.)

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Incoming Baby Giraffe!

This is apparently not an April Fool’s Day joke — staff at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York say that April the giraffe may finally go into labor and give birth this weekend. They’ve been waiting for a long time (since February at least) and say that now all the signs are there that the blessed event may be soon. Here’s the live feed, now appropriately sponsored by Toys R Us:

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