The Fiona Show, Part Five

In part five of the behind-the-scenes series, it’s time to meet the parents, starting with Fiona’s mother Bibi. Would the mother recognize her child? Would the plucky preemie hand-raised by humans know how to behave like a hippo? And what would father Henry do? Team Fiona share their feelings as they managed delicate introductions.

And now Fiona’s amazing story is told in a new book Hip, Hippo, Hooray for Fiona, a photo biography with dozens of pictures. Written primarily for young readers, the 40-page book will also serve as a “family keepsake,” says the Cincinnati Zoo, which will get a portion of the proceeds.

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Links: Ptttthpppthhhpttthhp!

And finally: Fun With Ferrets!

I got tired just watching that, Cheryl S.

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Happy ‘Tocktober!

Some ‘tocks are small and poofy…

You know you want to tweak it…

Some are big and blorpy…

You know you DON’T want to tweak it…

But the ‘tocks that really make us smile
Are puppy butts in a puppy pile!


Photos: cute butt 🙂, by Predi, Hippo butt!, by Ioan Sameli, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0, puppy butts, by Muffet, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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