Links: Could We Not?!

And finally: Fiona Speaks!

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Links: Wombat Thursday

I fixed a glitch that was preventing me from adding new links, so here are the links I wanted to have ready for yesterday morning. Enjoy!

And finally: All I Ever Find is Loose Change

Been training them not to play ON the couches… I think it’s working? from pitbulls

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Links: Superb Owl Edition

Greetings. I am an owl. And I am superb. I am a superb owl. But that’s only my opinion, of course. I have been asked by the management of this site to introduce today’s links, which all relate to me in ways I haven’t quite figured out yet. Please enjoy them.

And finally: Greetings, Sports Fins

Looking for a clam, er, calm alternative to the other animal bowl games? Here’s a pun-filled preview for National Geographic’s Fish Bowl.

Owl image via Pixabay.

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