Links: The Fightin’ Felines

And finally: Horsing Around

Or should that be “unicorning around”?

I hoof seen everything, Jan B.

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Links: Um, Do I Know You?

And finally: And They’re Off!

So who do you like in the fifth race, Faye?

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Our Eyes Are Up Here, Fellas

Gentle reader, this space sets aside its usual japes and witticisms to discuss a matter that has been too long in the shadows: visually impaired horses. Unable to work or care for themselves, such unfortunate creatures once met with unspeakable cruelty, but at Shady Acres Ranch we give these magnificent animals round-the-clock care to help them enjoy life to the fullest. Your tax-deductible contribution will let us continue our work, so that blind horses may live their days in dignity and respect–all right, who did that?!

When I find the boobs who did this, they’re fired.

We just want what’s breast for them, Sharon H.

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Links: Thursday Overstock Blowout

And finally: Fiona Farts

Speaking of blowouts: Fiona the plucky preemie hippo, symbol of perseverance, inspiration to millions the world over, just let one rip.

Via Andrew Y., who blames it on the dog.

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