Links: Warp and Woof

And finally: Incoming!

Pup is ready for her closeup, says sender-inner Arne.

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Links: Knittin’ for Kitten (update)

Update: Oops! I forgot to include an item about white lions. Check it out!

And finally: Take Your Kangaroo to Work Day

Tim Faulkner, keeper at Australia Reptile Park, has the coolest job in the world.

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Links: The Cuter Commuter

And finally: An Uncanny Rescue

He wore his best suit. He had an important meeting with the mayor of his town in Orillia, Canada. But when Mike MacMillan saw a skunk with its head trapped in a cola can, he knew he had to help — even if it cost him his suit and business ties. (Washington Post, via Karen F.)

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Links: Plus, We’re Never Out of Milk

And finally: Beach Bouncer

No fair, Australia: Not only do you have lovely beaches, such as Angourie Beach on the New South Wales coast, but you even have the occasional kangaroo hopping across them. (via Douglas L.)

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