A Pair of Heartbreakers

Liam Rice is an animal care worker for the SPCA on (where else?) the Isle of Man. His equally photogenic husky Luna loves to ham it up with him for the camera, even copying his expressions like a dog doppelganger — a “dogppelganger,” if you will.

He’s a dashing male model, she’s a no-nonsense police dog! “Rudolpho and Fang” — coming this fall to Fox!

One of the pair’s recent selfie sessions has been making hearts a-twitter all over Twitter, and it’s easy to see why.

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Devil’s Food

My humans, they are so cruel to me. They know I like the cake, and yet they will not let me have the cake. “If you eat the cake you will be fat,” they say. But I do not care. Every day I beg for the cake. When they are away I take the cake. One day they say “very well, you may have the cake.” And then they bring me the cake.

But it is an evil cake. The cake, it looks just like me and is full of voodoo magic so that when I bite the cake I am biting myself, and if I eat the cake I will be gone. So I cannot eat the cake. You cannot eat the cake. Not even the ears, I need those. I must guard the cake with my life. Forever. I hate the cake. This was a mistake.

By the way, is there any pie left?
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And These Are My Other Eight Lives

Yep, got ’em all right here, ready to go, in case… you know, something happens. I try to keep them in the original plastic so they stay fresh, but sometimes I’ll take a couple out to keep me company. Way I figure it, if I stay in bed and keep these bad boys handy, I ought to live forever.

Of course, I’m not having any fun, so it feels like forever.

Via Gizmo_Neko on Twitter, found by Sharon H.

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