Links: I Meant to Do That

Baby mule takes a tumble while playing (Reshareworthy, via Murray C.)

Hello Kitty Café opens in southern California (RocketNews24, via Andrew Y.)

Meerkats in a ball pit (Mogo Zoo, via Joy H.)

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My Terrifying Encounter with Alien Beings from Another Planet, by Lurlene Tubbs

“I’m telling it to you just like I told them reporters and policemen, and they didn’t believe me and I expect you won’t neither but hand to God I swear it’s the gospel truth. There was six of ’em, and they all come out of this hole in the ground which I assume is where they done hid their spaceship. And they was real curious about me, and did everything I did. If I took a step, they took a step. I raised my tail, they raised their tails. And it was right then that I realized, them was no mere cats.”


Via Imgur: “A cat found its way into the zoo and came across the meerkats.” And if anyone has more information about this photo, please share it in the comments. Photo by Tim Furfie. Story at The Dodo.

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It Is I, The Meerkat King!

I am the lord and master of all in the sovereign meerkat kingdom, as you can tell by my jaunty little crown, which is totally real and not any kind of optical illusion or trick of the light. You may approach me and pay your respects — only try to do it from exactly this direction and don’t, like, move right or left because… um… it would be disrespectful to such a regal personage such as myself. Yeah, that’s it.


Meerkat, by littlemisspurps, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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