Horns a’Plenty!

For National Unicorn Day, a mythical menagerie

The unicorn symbolizes the traits of purity and innocence, which is why everyone thinks it’s a mythical creature. Well, the joke’s on them, because unicorns are everywhere. Since today is National Unicorn Day, let’s celebrate with a look at some recent unicorn sightings.

1. Unicorns are known for their sleek coats, complete with cuffs.

I have mine custom tailored.

Dogicorn in Central Park NYC, by andreaarden, licensed under CC BY 2.0

2. The Uni-wawa

Yo quiero outta this thing.

3. The Uni-piggy is 100% pure

Still not kosher, though. (BuzzFeed)

4. The Uni-kitty is rare because it’s a cat who enjoys wearing costumes.

Put me in the clown suit next! (Facebook)

5. Finally, the legendary Uni-snek.

I like the way my horn sssssssssswirls. (Imgur)
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Clean This Pig Sty!

Watch Paul the pig put away his toys

This perky pig named Paul loves to play with his favorite toys, but he also likes to please his mommy by keeping his room clean. So when playtime is over, Paul picks up his toys in his mouth one by one and drops them into the toy box — even Mr. Monkey, who clearly doesn’t want to cooperate.

I could use one of those in my house, Faye. (via Laughing Squid)

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April Fool’s Day News

In what you may or may not consider to be bad news, I won’t be creating a prank page for April Fool’s Day this year. This is because April 1 will coincide with Easter Sunday, and I expect most readers will be offline. I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to it, and especially to Jingles, the Practical Joke Pig. Next year, Jingles.


Princess Luna, found by Andrew Y.

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Pork Pie in the Sky

Attention, skeptics! Bet you think you’re oh-so-clever with your so-called “facts” and “empirical evidence,” don’t you? Pooh-poohing every tall tale you hear with “I’ll believe that when pigs fly.” Well, guess what, Aristotle — pigs can fly! Here’s one now! So now you have to believe every idiotic thing anyone tells you!

I’ll be easier that way, anyhow.

Via Imgur.

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