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And finally: That’s… That’s a Big Turtle

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I’m Living a Lie, Mister Duck

“It all happened so quickly, I didn’t know what to say. When the nice lady picked me up and said ‘There you are, Cleo, you naughty kitty!’ I knew there’d been a mistake, but then she plopped me down in front of this plate of delicious food, and the fireplace was so warm, and now I’m in this soothing perfumed bath and all I can think of is what’s going to happen once the nice lady puts her glasses back on.”

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Brush or Else, Kiddies!

Settle down, students! Before we begin today’s assembly, I need to announce that due to a scheduling conflict, “McGruff’s Rockin’ Crimebustin’ Skate ‘n Stunt Supershow” will not be able to appear today, but we have been able to secure a last-minute replacement, “Percy, the Dental Hygiene Possum.”

Brushing is radical, and that’s the tooth!

Via Twitter.

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