Don’t Monkey Around With That

“Hah! Get a load of Mr. Bad Biker Dude over here! Sitting there trying to look all cool and stuff, like he really knows how to ride a motorcycle! Don’t make me laugh, Brando — I’ll bet you can’t even get this thing started!”

(Hmm, I wonder what this red button does.)

Monkey Escape by Katy Laveck Foster, finalist in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Found by Murray C.

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And finally: The Rope Trick

Such determination, Cheryl S.

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That’ll Leave a Mark

“(Looks like my new roomie is settling in all right, he’s already running up to greet the human visitors. I wonder if anyone warned him yet about the glass partition? Ooh, guess not.)”

(Good thing we’ve all got flat noses already.)

From sender-inner Eve S., who adds: “Not a new image, via Zooborns, but sometimes we just need some basic world-class, lethal, 10-megaton Qte, right?”

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