Well, That’s Just Flippin’ Brilliant

Folks, if you’re looking for an exciting new career, consider training for work in the professional backflipping industry! Experienced backflippers can earn up to $5 per flip, with no upper limit on earning potential! Backflippers go to exciting places, meet interesting people, and get lots of exercise! And the best part is, it’s completely automation-proof. Unlike manufacturing, retail, trucking, and many other professions, there is absolutely no chance that backflippers will never be replaced by robo–OH FOR PETE’S SAKE AT LEAST LET ME FINISH THE PITCH!

No, you can’t have your tuition deposit back, Alice Shortcake.

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A Wave of Good Fortune

You see them in restaurants, in gift shops, their endlessly waving paws beckoning good fortune wherever it is needed. They are the cats of the Maneki-neko corps, and only the best, most lucky cats are chosen to serve. The audition process is arduous; after a short interview, candidates must demonstrate the traditional wave by imitating a model.

“I love his little face at the end,” says sender-inner Allein S.

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Not your everyday walk to work from canada

Found on BuzzFeed by Anyta K.

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