Hoppin’ Hot Foot!

Real rabbits have lots of fur on their feet, but if winter is beginning to tickle your toes, these buns may help. These bunny slippers have a secret ingredient: USB-powered heaters that can reach 35 degrees when plugged into a power source. Thanks for the hot tip, Sharon G.!

PS: Canadian readers should be shown the same product as sold via Amazon.ca. Let me know in the comments if that’s not happening.

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And finally: Couch Torpedo

Nobody saw that, right? (via John B.)

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And finally: Save the Last Dance for Me

Reader Jon R. sends us this touching moment between doggie daddy and his best girl.

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Eight Arms to Hold You

You drifted into my arms like a vision from a dream, soft and fuzzy with beady eyes full of secrets and mischief. Then as mysteriously as you appeared, you were gone. I will always cherish the moments we had, but sometimes the loss is more than I can bear.

Interesting related article: Octopus research shows that consciousness isn’t what makes humans special 

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