And These Are My Other Eight Lives

Yep, got ’em all right here, ready to go, in case… you know, something happens. I try to keep them in the original plastic so they stay fresh, but sometimes I’ll take a couple out to keep me company. Way I figure it, if I stay in bed and keep these bad boys handy, I ought to live forever.

Of course, I’m not having any fun, so it feels like forever.

Via Gizmo_Neko on Twitter, found by Sharon H.

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Marionette? I Think Marionotte

Sorry, baby. You’re a beautiful and passionate lady mouse, and I’d like nothing more than to ride off into the sunset with you on my back. But it could never work between us. This dog needs to be free. I’m looking for a no-strings relationship.

Suggested by Arne, who actually sent the video below, which is also cool even though it features both vertical video and a creepy videobomber at 1:50.

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Links: You Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

And finally: Fun with Footsies

“Mousie toy? I don’t need no mousie toy! I have feet to play with!”

So easily amused, Faye.

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And lo, the sixth seal was opened, and darkness fell upon the land. The earth trembled; the seas boiled; cell phone reception was greatly diminished. And then there came a pitch black demon astride a white unicorn as foretold in prophecy, herald of the Great Inconveniencing to come.

And all who gazed upon it went “squee.”

Cutest harbinger of doom ever, Sharon H.

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