Bunny Bistro

In 2012, Flickr user John Gillespie visited Rabbit and Grow Fat, a rabbit cafe in Japan, where bunny lovers enjoy their favorite beverage with cotton-tailed company.

So many people, so little time.

Rabbits roam freely, and work the room for treats and pet-pets.

Ooh, this guy’s having the chamomile!

Some are shy…

But I’ll be your friend for some parsley.

… but most are bold.

Don’t mind if I do, om nom nom nom…

And some will even teach you to dance. That’s left and right and left and right…

You can see more of John’s photos and see the cafe’s Twitter page.

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And finally: No Touchy the Pinchy!

Touchy da pinchy

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And finally: Rabbit Transit

“I am the pupper now”

Beats hopping a bus, Dana D.

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Hoppin’ Hot Foot!

Real rabbits have lots of fur on their feet, but if winter is beginning to tickle your toes, these buns may help. These bunny slippers have a secret ingredient: USB-powered heaters that can reach 35 degrees when plugged into a power source. Thanks for the hot tip, Sharon G.!

PS: Canadian readers should be shown the same product as sold via Amazon.ca. Let me know in the comments if that’s not happening.

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