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And finally: Peegs! On! Scooters!!!

Cutest hoodlums ever, Andrew Y.

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Repeat After Me

Cutetropolis is brought to you today by Mimico Toys, makers of the Annoying Little Brother Who Repeats Everything You Say Doll:

From Andrew Y. via SoraNews24.

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You Be the Detective!

Inspector Canard had never seen anything like it. Someone — or something — had knocked out the entire Shparble family, now motionless on the floor: Mom, Dad and the kids: Nora, Dora, Laura, Flora, and in the center, little Pooters.

“And you say the door was locked from inside?” Canard asked the groundskeeper. “Yessir, and ain’t nobody come or gone all day,” replied the old man. The room showed no signs of ransacking, except for a bag of Ruffy Rough’s High-Fiber Dog Food, torn open on the floor. “Ah, that Pooters,” sighed the groundskeeper, “He was always gettin’ into stuff. I’m gonna miss ′em terribly.”

“They’ll be right as rain in a moment or so,” laughed Canard. “I know exactly what happened here.” Who did Inspector Canard blame it on?

Oh, come on, who do we always blame it on?

From the case files of Paul P. (Via Imgur.)

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