My Hairbrush Wants to Kill Me

“(OK, need to stay calm here. My hairbrush isn’t supposed to walk around like that, but obviously it is, so… What does it want from me? Did I do something, say something? Was there a particularly stressful detangling moment that I’m not aware of? Think, man, think!)”

Suspensefully submitted by Andrew Y., and you can learn more about this odd couple at RocketNews24.

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Carrying Water for Justice!

Once a mild-mannered farm dog, Biffy Bifferson’s life changed forever when he discovered a mysterious alien artifact that granted him super powers. Today, as Bucketman, he fights a ceaseless crusade to right wrongs and protect the innocent, as long as it involves transporting liquids from one place to another.

"It's pouring buckets out!" -Hiiro 🌧🌧🌧🌧 Happy #tongueouttuesday! 😛

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