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Historically Hysterical

“You’ll want to get out your cameras for this, because this branch is one of the most historically important sites in the Great Squirrel-Cat War of 1732. It was on a brisk fall evening on September 13th when Nathaniel Fuzzcoate, a spy for the Squirrel Army, raced back to headquarters with news that would turn the tide of the war. Just then, a cat picked up his scent and gave chase, but the quick-thinking Fuzzcoate ran underneath this branch, which knocked the cat out cold.”

“We do a reenactment every year, with a nurse standing by.”

That must be the branch manager, Sharon H.

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Who Was that Squirrel-Costumed Man?

While traveling the northern plains of old Mexico, a wandering troubadour was set upon by bandits and left for dead. Gathering his remaining possessions, a pink sombrero and a secondhand squirrel costume, he vowed to right the wrongs and protect the innocent. And thus was born the folk hero known as: El Mariachi!

I’m coming for you, evildoers! (But first, a snack.)

Via Reddit.

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