Links: Hey, Do You Guys Sell Hunter Repellent?

And finally: The Millennium Chipmunk Vanishes!

They can’t have disappeared. No chipmunk that small has a cloaking device!

from @kylesenghera

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Cat’s got a chip-monkey on his back, Arne.

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Don’t Monkey Around With That

“Hah! Get a load of Mr. Bad Biker Dude over here! Sitting there trying to look all cool and stuff, like he really knows how to ride a motorcycle! Don’t make me laugh, Brando — I’ll bet you can’t even get this thing started!”

(Hmm, I wonder what this red button does.)

Monkey Escape by Katy Laveck Foster, finalist in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Found by Murray C.

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Meet Ernie Pooh

Ernie Pooh is a large pile of cotton with a dog inside.

Ernie Pooh lives in a magical land with other sentient cotton piles.

Ernie Pooh must inspect all electronic equipment.

Ernie Pooh will not be intimidated by Samurai Bear.

. . おかめアーニー🐶 似合いすぎる..笑 . をフォローして #みんなで戌年賀 のハッシュタグを付けて投稿した 方の中から選ばれた写真が 公式年賀状のテンプレートに採用される 郵便年賀のキャンペーンが行われてます♪ . . 是非、みんなも参加してみて下さい!! . . 詳しくはサイトにて . のキャンペーンのお手伝いをしています。 . #アーニー #トイプードル #年賀状 #みんなで戌年賀 . . .

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Ernie Pooh is into some really freaky stuff.

Good night, Ernie Pooh!

Ernie Pooh was sent in by Andrew Y.

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