The Adventures of Sgt. Pug!

“Listen up, maggots, because I’m only going to say this once! HQ gave us orders to clear the park of squirrels and that is exactly what we’re going to do! If I catch any of you recruits not in there chasing the enemy, I will personally put my boot so far up your backside you’ll taste shoe leather for a week! Now CHAAAAAARGE!

“If God had wanted squirrels in that park he would not have created ME!”

Via Imgur.

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15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Sgt. Pug!

  1. Murray C. September 14, 2016 / 11:09 am

    I’m not sure “cute” is the correct designation for this, but it sure is funny esp. the “kick butt…taste shoe leather” part.😝

    • Phred's Mom September 14, 2016 / 1:21 pm

      It’s a line I intend to use in future. It has many
      useful applications.

      • Murray C. September 14, 2016 / 4:36 pm

        Oh yeah.

  2. fkaWaldenPond September 14, 2016 / 11:09 am

    Hovertext!!! 😀 😀

  3. Birdcage September 14, 2016 / 11:09 am

    That looks like one bulbous pugster!!!!

  4. Duckie 🐥 September 14, 2016 / 11:34 am

    Run, squirrels, run!

  5. AJ September 14, 2016 / 11:57 am

    Bwaaa haaaa haaa! Now that’s what I call large and in charge. Too dang funny.

  6. Gigi the cat lady September 14, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    I wouldn’t dare call Sergant Pugg cute, I’d be afraid he’d bite my head off!

  7. Faye September 14, 2016 / 1:41 pm

    I don’t know about locked, but somebody looks a bit loaded there. Don’t commence anything there Sarg.

    • Murray C. September 14, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      Good one, Faye.😆

  8. Murray C. September 14, 2016 / 4:41 pm

    I can’t help thinking about the human who is behind this get-up. There’s a siren on the bike and those look like real bullets!!!😳

    • MTKees September 14, 2016 / 9:03 pm

      Not to worry @Murray C., as someone who has spent a fair amount of time around firearms I can say that the bullets look fake to me and the guns are DEFINITELY fake. The barrels are paper thin, way too large to the bullet size, etc.

      If Sgt Pug is going to clear the squirrels out of the park he is going to have to do it the old fashion way. My English Setter Jack would be happy to help. 😀

  9. sumomermaid September 14, 2016 / 5:20 pm

    You can’t judge a pug by its looks. They all seem to have that look, but their dispositions are usually delightful. They’d rather lick you than bite (or shoot) you.

    • Smartypants September 15, 2016 / 7:56 am

      So true – my former neighbor had a pug and he was a lover, not a fighter. He was very old and he’d happily stand there and make snuffling noises and wag his little tail for as long as you wanted to pet him.

    • Blue Footed Booby December 13, 2016 / 12:19 pm

      Swooping in from the *fuuuutuuuure* to elaborate: it’s pretty easy to stick real bullets in real casings to make real cartridges, but without the powder or primer, so they won’t actually work. Only as dangerous as your throwing arm allows. This is how they make punk/black metal bulletbelts.

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