Who Was that Squirrel-Costumed Man?

While traveling the northern plains of old Mexico, a wandering troubadour was set upon by bandits and left for dead. Gathering his remaining possessions, a pink sombrero and a secondhand squirrel costume, he vowed to right the wrongs and protect the innocent. And thus was born the folk hero known as: El Mariachi!

I’m coming for you, evildoers! (But first, a snack.)

Via Reddit.

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Don’t Read Anything Into It

Oh, this? It doesn’t mean anything, I’m just enjoying a clever satire on some of the crankier members of my species. I don’t feel that way about you — in fact, I was thinking about getting you a gift this year. About how big around is your neck?

You know, for a… neck thing. Whatever those are called.

I only read it for the articles, Andrew Y. (Get it on Amazon!)

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