A Something-and-Something Game

Henry stopped in his tracks. His pulse quickened. The sound of his own breath rang in his ears like a raging storm. Just around the corner, two protruding feet told him that his dreaded adversary had caught up to him at last. So this was it. The game was on, that most deadly game, a game of… kind of like Tag mixed with Hide and Go Seek except there’s no counting and not so much running around and you’re not supposed to just hide in one place the whole time because you’re trying to get some place without being seen and there’s a name for what that is but I can’t remember it right now.

We’re going to have to sit here until he thinks of it, aren’t we?

It’s a… thing where the… big thing chases the… small… thing, Sharon H.

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And finally: That’s… That’s a Big Turtle

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