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And finally: Should’a Picked Door Number Three

Because I definitely don’t like what’s in the box, and the feeling’s mutual.

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Throw Me the Cracker, I Throw You the Whip

(squawk!) “We shouldn’t go in there, go in there!” (cluck, cluck!) “Don’t be chicken, it’s fulla treasure, fulla treasure!” (burble, tweet!) “Ack! Spiders everywhere, everywhere!” (brwaak!) “We’re gonna be rich, don’t be a baby, be a baby!” (click, whistle!) “Hey, what does this lever do, lever do?” (tweedle-tweet!) “Don’t pull it, it’s a trap–eaaaaaagh!, trap–eaaaaaagh!” (chuckle, chuckle!)

This guy just might know what he’s squawking about.

Amazon Parrot Koko, by pipilongstockings, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Links: Hold on for Deer Life

And finally: Duck Down

via Dana D.

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Links: Wait, We Do That? Uh-oh

And finally: Mew, Mew, Quack, Mew, Quack, Quack

via Gigi the Cat Lady.

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