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“‘Scuse me, sir, I’m with Sea Patrol. Did you bring any fruit or vegetables into the ocean today? How about fish?” (via Andrew Y.)

SEAL SNORKELLING | Hands down – the BEST moment from my weekend away with @thenorthface. This cheeky seal was so inquisitive and playful (don't worry – he's being friendly – seals use their whiskers and mouths to judge size, shape and textures). He just wanted to play. In fact, when he started to lay on top of us we soon realised he was after a little tummy rub. 😍 Being able to spend time with wild animals in their natural environment and entirely on their terms is both rare and magical. Definitely an experience I'll cherish and a stark reminder why it's so important – now more than ever – to protect our beautiful marine species from the plastic pollution that is killing so many. ❤️#basecampadventure

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Hamster Dog Loves Real Dogs

When you’re the only one of your kind, the world is your family. That’s the lesson learned by Cheesecake, an easygoing capybara who’s been at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas since she was a baby. Cheesecake began to care for the shelter’s foster pups, and it’s become a true calling. “She would adopt them and she’d sleep with them and eat with them, and she’d discipline them too if they were naughty,” says sanctuary founder Janice Wolf.

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