Mac Attack

“Oh good, you’re… you’re back. I was hoping you would come soon because… ah… there were some birds eating your mac and cheese. Um, a lot of birds, about ten birds, and I thought to myself ‘Myron,’ (that’s my name, Myron) ‘that nice lady is going to be upset when she comes back and sees that twenty birds ate her mac and cheese.’ So I ate them. All thirty of them. So I’m totally full now, and definitely not eating your mac and cheese.”

“Well-p, look at the time. Think I’ll have a lie-down, digest all these birds.”

What a selfless upstanding citizen, Sharon H.

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Fox Out

“Welcome, Mr. Fox. The first thing you may have noticed about our little prison is that there are no guards. That is because they are not needed. This facility is completely escape-proof, with each cell tailored to the limitations of each prisoner. You may notice, for example, that yours includes a ladder to freedom. Sheer folly, one might think, but since you are unable to grip its bars, merely a harmless decoration. Get used to its mocking presence, Mr. Fox, for you will be looking at that ladder for a very long ti–oh for Pete’s sake!

Never try to outfox a fox, Cheryl S.

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And They Just Give You the Food?

“They just put it in a bowl in front of you? You don’t have to chase it or anything? Oh, and tell me again about the dog bed — is it really soft? I’ll bet it’s really soft, am I right? Dude, you have got the sweetest setup ever! Can I get in on this? Did you have to pay anything?”

Well, there was that one trip to the vet where I came back a little lighter…

Via Imgur.

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Fennec Fox — Now in Kit Form!

Australia’s Taronga Zoo welcomes a little bundle of joy: a fennec fox kit. According to ZooBorns, the fennec fox is the smallest fox species, so the newborn is super cute. Born on December 3, the kit has only begun to wander out into the enclosure, under the watchful eyes of its mother and father.

I can definitely hear you going “awwwww.”

And the little baby is keeping mom and dad extra busy:

Thanks to sender-inner Arne.

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