Links: ¡Que Bonita!

And finally: Peegs! On! Scooters!!!

Cutest hoodlums ever, Andrew Y.

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Enjoy These Frightfully Cute Halloween Links — If You Dare!

And finally: Might Want to Have That Looked At

Very Spook 

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Shriner? I Barely Knew ‘Er!

“Come to order, please! I call to order this meeting of The Brotherhood of the Knighthood of the Nobles of the Ancient Rite of the Secret Sino-Swedish Sacred Eternal Throbbing Heart Grand Dragoons of the Fraternal Fez. I now turn the podium over to our chapter president, the Right Honorable Exalted Grand Imperial Most High Royal Magnificent Distinguished Super Keen Neato Awesomesauce…”

Strap in, kids, this takes a while.

They look so cute in their little red cars, Sharon H.

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