Is My Suit Out of the Drier Yet?

“Dang, what’s taking so long, Mom? The other dogs are gonna roam the neighborhood without me!”

(I never should have rolled in that mud puddle.)

It’s like they’re 50 percent fur, John B.

UPDATE: In the comments, reader Zane points out that shaving a husky is not a good idea under normal circumstances. Since I don’t know the story behind this photo, I can’t tell if it was necessary for this dog’s health and well-being, but I’d prefer to assume so. Thanks to Zane for the info.

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Chapter Ten: Their First Kiss

Octavia’s heart pounded in her chest as the handsome stranger drew closer to her. She knew so little about him, and yet his warm eyes, his rugged features, compelled her closer, like a moth to a magnet.

Kinda invading my personal space here…

Their lips met in glorious union. Octavia fell limp and languid as the stranger’s embrace surrounded her, enveloping her in ecstasy…

OK, now you’re REALLY invading my personal space.
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Have You Found Dog Yet?

“Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about Dog? Dog is a good boy. He is the bestest boy in the whole wide world. Yes, He is. Yes — He — is, and if I can have just five minutes of your time, I’d like to share the good news of Dog with you in your own home.”

(Frankly, the only good news is that you can’t fit through that door.)

I’ll give him five minutes of cuddling, Sharon H.

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