Dog Lick Day Spa

“So, is this your first visit with us, sir? (Please tip your head back.) Your scalp is looking well, although there is a bit of flakiness on top. (Please keep your head back, sir, thank you.) Now, this is a gentle exfoliation procedure that (Sir, I won’t ask again, please keep your head back)…”

Not sure I want to see what puppers was licking before this, Andrew Y. (So much more of this cute pup on Instagram.)

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Hana Takes a Licking

Time for some Midweek Maru, in which our hapless hero just wants to show his roommate a little love and affection, and ends up delivering a knockout punch instead.


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via Andrew Y. (shout-outs to L. S., T. R., and J. B. for blessing the tip jar. Thank you!)

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