Hana Takes a Licking

Time for some Midweek Maru, in which our hapless hero just wants to show his roommate a little love and affection, and ends up delivering a knockout punch instead.


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Chilling Effect

Here on the ice planet of Frozinia, our scientists have labored hard to dispel the many myths cherished by our ancient ancestors. For example, did you know that people once believed that our world rotated because it was being licked by an enormous cosmic space cat? Who would believe such nonsense?

Via Reddit: “My cat loves ice but always pushes the cubes out of the bowl onto the floor. This was the solution.”

Update: If you can’t view video here, click the link above to view on Reddit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Get Your Windows Bunny Clean!

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Because we have such teeny tongues, dontcha know.

More images of animals licking glass here.

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