Good Fortune

I’m so sorry I ate the last of the General Tso’s Chicken but it smelled so good and I was really hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything for almost a half hour and I’m very very sorry and I won’t ever do it again but I did save you the cookie so maybe you won’t be too mad at me I hope?

(He’s smiling, this must be my lucky day.)

Well, I know what I’m having for lunch now, Andrew Y.

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Alternative Universe Muppets

Time once again for The Mupoot Show, starring Flossy Boar, Miss Grizzly, the Finnish Bartender, those lovable curmudgeons Chambers and Astoria, with musical guest Dr. Toenails and the Hydraulic Pandemonium. And here’s your host, Kermit the Dog!

Goodbye and welcome to the show!

cute frog dog, by City of Marietta, GA, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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And finally: How Was Your Day?

Did it start with an early morning cuddle followed by delicious meelks? Did you get to run and play and get fresh air and then more cuddles and meelks? Then you aren’t as lucky as this baby wombat, found by Murray C.

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