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And finally: Whatever This Is, It’s Cool!

The baby rhino born at the Toronto Zoo last December got a treat most rhinos never see: snow! But the playful calf knew exactly what to do! (via Gigi The cat lady)

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Rhino in the Rain

Baby rhino is a showoff in the shower

A baby one-horned rhino at the Toronto Zoo wasn’t too keen on taking his very first shower, but by the time zookeepers took this video, the chubby baby was splashing and rolling with joy. The yet-to-be-named calf, the zoo’s first newborn of 2018, is not on public display, but is said to be doing well, bonding with his mother, and will be ready to play outdoors in the spring. Full story at CBC News.

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Links: The Bride Wore a Gravy Train

And finally: Wombath

“I could get used to this,” thought the furry little tank.

“UNHAND ME WOMA… oh actually this is nice”

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Links: Pitty Kitty Party

And finally: Kleenex Kitten Kisses

Nothing better than kitten kisses! from aww

via Andrew Y.

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