Weekend Open Thread

Happy Caturday! Today’s kitties come from Emsthemonster, who writes: “Let me introduce my kitties, the big white one is Felix, the tiny, ever naughty tabby is Marci. They are pleased to meet you even if they look sleppy.”

Oh yeah, we’re real excited to meet you.
We’re just gonna take a little nap to get over the thrill.
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Weekend Open Thread

Happy Caturday! This weekend’s conversation cat is the twitchy, crazy-eyed cat from the cover of the Cutetropolis 2018 Calendar, which by the most amazing of coincidences happens to be on sale right now for 30% with coupon code LULU30.*

Yeah, funny how that worked out.

But Calendar Cat can be cute, too:

Bet you’re crazy about me now, eh?

* Sale extended through 11/26.

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