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It’s Too Hot Outside

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Hello little human

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This Just In: Jaguar Cubs

The Elmwood Park Zoo are showing off two baby jaguar cubs born January 24. The brother and sister were born to Elmwood Park’s female Jaguar Inka and male Zean, from the Pennsylvania Zoo. Mother and cubs will be off exhibit for a few months, and then they’ll move into a brand new facility titled “Trail of the Jaguar.”

Adorably deadly.

Found on ZooBorns by submitterator DebG.

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Ollie Ollie Is Unfree

The infamous Ollie, the bobcat who vanished from the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., is safe at home once again — in fact, she was never really gone, just hiding out on the zoo grounds. The 25 pound bobcat, who officials believe escaped through a hole in the mesh around her habitat, was examined and found to be in good health.

I was trying to get out of this crazy town!
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