They’re Baaaa-aaaack!

Lynx family returns to Alaska porch

Last October, we met a family of lynx who visited a couple’s porch in Alaska. Apparently the cats had a wonderful time, because…

Yee-up, the whole family came back to play on the now snow-covered porch.

See more of the lynx family at Rugged Alaska. Via Andrew Y.

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And finally: I Touchie Da Birdie

Kitty trying his best to pet gently from aww

Birds are friends — not food, Dana D.

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A Leap of Fail

Over the craggy peaks and across the frozen tundra, the snow leopard hunts its next meal. In such remote locations food is scarce, and the leopard must rely upon its keen eyesight and talent for camouflage. Patience pays off, and a tiny field mouse scampers into the open. Digging its claws into the snow for traction, the snow leopard calculates the precise trajectory needed for the kill. And in one mighty leap


… the snow leopard learns you don’t want to rush those calculations.


Found by Andrew D. at Zooborns, and you definitely want to click for the full story.

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