The Reign of the Corgisaur

During the prehistoric Swizlestic period (roughly 200 brazilian years ago), the fearsome Corgisaurs roamed the primeval earth. Unlike the modern-day corgi, these floofy beasts stood on their back legs, allowing them to reach the very tops of the kibble trees whose succulent morsels formed the basis of their nutrient-rich diet. So awesome was their mighty stature that no other creature of that period dared to oppose them.

Okay, almost no other creature…

He’s… he’s right behind me, isn’t he?

I think this was shot in Jurassic Dog Park, Sharon H.

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And finally: No Touchie Da Fishie!

And don’t make me tell you again! (via Amy F., Andrew Y.)

i touch da fis… NO YOU DON’T!! from aww

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