Corgi vs. Tennis Ball of Insanity

Once more, the Orb of Madness claims another victim. This time, a corgi falls under its spell. What is the secret of this unearthly relic and its power to torment the mind?

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Unsolved Mysteries!

It is a geologic mystery as old as time itself: seemingly stationary objects that appear in shifted positions, as if moved across the desert floor by some mysterious force that Science does not yet understand. Just what causes this migration? Wind? Phases of the moon? Ghosts? Will we ever know the secret of… the Creeping Corgis of the Kalahari?

Sunspots, maybe?

My money’s on space aliens, Andrew Y. (via Reddit.)

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Links: I Touched the Butt!

And finally: A Møøse Once Bit My Traffik Köne

No realli! I saw it in a video sent by Sharon G.!

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