Dog and Pony Show

Corgi hitches a ride on pony

Callie Schenker of Bolivar, Missouri encountered an adorable horse thief: a neighbor’s corgi who had hopped onto the back of her one-eyed pony Cricket. The quick-thinking  Schenker caught the rustler on her video phone just as they disappeared into the night. After posting the video to Facebook, she was inundated with messages of delight as the video galloped across the Internet. (More photos at Springfield News Leader.)

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I’m Not Snow Sure About This

Hey! Somebody redecorated my back yard!

This white stuff is kind of wierd…

Bork this stuff… I’m pooping inside!

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But if you say that it’s snow big deal…

Baxley’s first snow 💜❄️🌬

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Then let’s play in it!

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I’m the Luckiest Dog in the World!

“So they just let you come here whenever you want and take stuff? Seriously? You must be a really important human, like assistant boss of all the humans or something!”

It’s Zira the Corgi, found by Paul P.

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