I Need a Good Talking To

“Don’t get me wrong. I love my family very much. But lately it seems like we don’t really communicate anymore. For example, I tried to engage my brother Stuffy in a discussion about whether it was truly possible to experience reality within the confines of our senses, or if there existed the tantalizing possibility of a greater world all around us that we might know if only we had the means. He just stared at me, and so did my sister Stuffina.”

Just makes me feel like the odd one out, y’know?

I’d talk to that cutie all day, Sharon H.

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Put on a Happy Fez

“Ah — welcome, Professor LeStrange. I trust your journey from Cairo was an uneventful one. I regret that we must meet in such a remote location, but my employers are most desirous to avoid unwanted attention. So, the lost squeaky toy of Tutankhamun — you have brought it, have you not?”

“In return I offer a jeweled dagger, which my associate will be plunging into your back momentarily.”

Via Twitter.

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