Hold that Thought

Do you have problems remembering little things, like a phone number, or that really clever idea? Then you need Brain Freeze™, the ice cream formulated with super sciencey brain chemicals that “lock” ideas in your head until you can find a piece of paper and write them down. Available in chocolate and vanilla and also chocolate.

Yes! I remember what I was going to say: MY HEAD HURTS!

It’s a shame it doesn’t come in chocolate, Sharon H.

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Links: The Opposite of Faceplant

And finally: And a Beaver Shall Lead Them

On the plains of Saskatchewan, 150 cows decided to follow a beaver, because seriously they’re cows and what else is there to do? Right, Michelle P., Andrew Y. and Sharon H.?

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Tips for Business Success

If public speaking makes you nervous, leading experts recommend this method to counter stage fright. Simply imagine your audience is all dogs, and then you will speak more confidently, saying things like “Who increased exports to Latin America twelve percent over the last fiscal year? Was it the spare parts division? Was it the sparey-warey partsy-wartsy-poo division? Yes it was! Yes… it… was!”

(Is that guy on drugs or something?)

Via Twitter.

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