Weekend Open Thread

Happy Caturday! Today’s kitties come from Emsthemonster, who writes: “Let me introduce my kitties, the big white one is Felix, the tiny, ever naughty tabby is Marci. They are pleased to meet you even if they look sleppy.”

Oh yeah, we’re real excited to meet you.
We’re just gonna take a little nap to get over the thrill.
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I Need to Speak with Your Manger

Myrrh?! Who the hell brings myrrh to a baby shower?! How about one of you bearded wackos run down to Zabar’s and get me some tuna or a can of Friskies, now that’s a gift I can use! Sheesh, and you call yourselves wise guys!”

You can leave the gold, though.

Photographed in New York by Brooke Goldman. Spotted on Bored Panda by Andrew Y.

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Links: Almost Singed My Hare!

And finally: Meowrse Code

Nah bitch u come here

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I guess they keep going until one taps out, Arne.

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